How the transcoding of live video work

In todays world there are so many different devices that require different video formats. If you do a lot of live broadcasting you know it is very crucial to support as many of them as possible. The more types of devices you support the viewers your event will get. For this you need a live fast transcoding service you can count on. If this will be a big event you may have to do several test runs to see if everything is working correctly as it should. You may even have to borrow phones and other mobile devices from co-workers to test out your live players.

Converting Your Video Files

The other type of transcoding is when you have a file on your computer and you would like to convert it to another flavor or format. In this case you would get a simple transcoder tool like handbrake. With this tool you can convert any video to any quality MP4. With mp4 you have the most flexibly since most of the devices out there support it. You definitely should stay away from formats like wmv which are severely out dated.