Are premium live video transcoding services worth it?

If you have ever been in charge of having to setup your own live stream for an event or something similar you know that its might not be an easy task especially it happens to be your first time. One of the most overlooked things is video compatibility. Today with some many different mobile devices that require different formats is hard to get 100% compatibility. That is if you are using regular broadcasting methods. With transcoding on your stream you are able to break down 1 high quality stream into as many streams you need. The provider does all of the processing for you. We found the SMH Live Transcoding service to be something that does just that. When you log into the control panel you specify what quality you will be sending out and then from there the system will automatically know how many other qualities to create.

Everyone always asks me Chrissi how in the world did you gain all of your knowledge in broadcasting and streaming media. I always tell them the same thing. Lots of trial and error. I have been there when broadcasts have gone terribly wrong and terribly right! I have also gotten to talk to lots of industry professionals who have given me lots of useful information.

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